Laboratory Moisture Analyzer QUICK-LAB

for MDF, OSB, Plaster, Insulation boards and Particleboards

Brochure:  PDF (2327 KB)

An exact adjusted moisture content of particles or fibers is not only a precondition for producing good quality panels, but also it reduces energy consumption of the drying process, the risk of fire and explosion will be decreased, the blending and pressing process will be optimized.

The laboratory system QUICK-LAB allows quick and precise analysis of moisture content of samples of the raw material. Only the results of this analysis enable to calibrate the online measurement systems.

The samples will be put in a reusable stainless steel bowl, positioned on a scale. After the heating lamp has been switched on the analysis will run automatically until the exact moisture content value will be displayed. The time of this automatic process is adjustable by presetting the intensity of light radiation.

It’s not possible to make an Online Moisture Meter operate properly without using a precise Lab-Moisture System.

Were you aware of the fact that moisture meters do not actually measure the moisture? They measure the electric conductivity, the reflexion of infrared radiation or the changes in the field strength. The factual basis for this is that, to be valid, determination of the value of an online measurement system must be related to the actual moisture value. Such evaluation can only be found through use of an accurate and reliable lab-moisture measurement system.

  • % Moisture
  • % Dry weight
  • % Moisture oven dry (O.D.)
  • g solid matter / kg

  • Printer

Technical Data

Technology: Heat radiation
precision weighing
Weighing capacity: 35 g [1.23 oz]
Readability: 1 mg, 0.01%
[0.00003 oz]
Accuracy: +/- 0.20% (< 5g) [0.17oz]
+/- 0.05% (> 5g) [0.17oz]
Interface: RS 232
Temperatur range
and settings:
40 - 160°C [104 - 320 °F],
in increments of 1 °C
Dimensions: 224 x 366 x 191 mm
(W x D x H)