Company Profile

Electronic Wood Systems (EWS)

is an innovative company in the field of measurement, quality and production management systems for the panelboard industry. It was founded 1996 by Hans-Peter Kleinschmidt.

We offer a complete range of quality supervising systems at competitive prices featuring high precision, robustness, system integration and low maintenance.

„Competence and Courage“

Our company is devoted to inventing and developing new ideas and concepts of technology. We will continue our success by putting innovative research and development, high quality and best technical service first. The exchange of knowledge with our business partners is fundamental to achieve this success.

Our continued success is based on the confidence of our customers, our international presence, strong partnerships and our willingness to explore new business ideas. Our company strives to treat everyone fairly. This approach brings success to everyone - our customers, partners and suppliers. We desire success in business - but not at any price.

Matthias Fuchs
General Manager

A global network of r epresentatives and technical service is provided.

The location and manufacturing place of Electronic Wood Systems is in Hamelin (Germany), 40 km South of Hanover.

„Trust and mutual respect“

We carefully keep track of the exciting developments in the board industry and derive important new tasks out of it. “The little extra" in all areas of our business shall differentiate us positively from our competitors.

First priority is to maintain the strength of our company. This requires financial stability, efficient business processes, well-trained and satisfied employees and a healthy working environment. Electronic Wood Systems manufactures a wide range of high-quality, modern measuring systems for the board industry.

Hauke Kleinschmidt
General Manager