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Flexible, innovative and friendly

Electronic Wood Systems is an innovative high-tech company in the field of quality control systems for the wood panel industry and in the field of spark extinguishing systems. It was founded in 1996 by Hans-PeterKleinschmidt. The company operates internationally and cooperates with worldwide partners. Head office, research & development and manufacturing are located in Hamelin (Germany), 50km [30 miles] south of Hanover.


„Not only words – but actions!“

We strive to treat everyone fairly - fair to our partners, customers, suppliers and to our competitors. We desire success in business - not at any price.

Hans-Peter Kleinschmidt          († 04.02.2023)

„Trust and mutual respect“

Our first priority is to maintain the strength and good reputation of our company. This requires satisfied customers, financial stability, efficient business processes, well-trained and satisfied employees and a healthy working environment.

Hauke Kleinschmidt
CEO / Owner

„Success through competence and humanity“

Success is a staircase, not a door!
It is the art of small steps and many efforts that are made day after day.
Ultimately, we work hard, learn from mistakes and make brave decisions.
But we also learn from our customers by listening carefully to them.

Matthias Hennig

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