Thickness Measuring System THICK-SCAN

for LVL, MDF, OSB, OSL, Particleboard, Plywood and others

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Continuous Thickness Measurement avoids waste of raw material and energy

Production of panels which exceed plustolerances results in increase of production cost. This also results in consumption of additional (unneeded) glue and raw material while also extending the press time.

EWS thickness measuring systems which are located after the hot press help to optimize the process and to reduce the costs while, at the same time, assuring the quality standard. If the gauges are located in the sanding line, the service life of the sanding belts is extended and the quality is assured.

The time is long past since...

… panel thickness tolerances have been measured during production by handheld devices. Today, however, such measurement is carried out continuously online. In the majority of plants, quality control is not the first priority for new investment for online thickness measurement. The current trend is to achieve the enormous potential savings in wood raw material, resin and energy consumption.

The measuring heads are mounted opposite to each other and indicate panel thickness continuously during production.

Installation Locations
  • After the hot press 
  • Before / between / after sander

  • Cross-, lengths profile
  • Trend per track
  • Trend min., max. and mean value
  • History function

  1. Thickness track
    (Example shows five tracks)
  2. Thickness profile across production
  3. Average thickness
    (Each bar shows one panel)

Technical Data

Technology: contact:
(internal non-contact)
Guarantee: Lifetime guarantee on linear sensors
Measuring resolution: 0.01mm [0.0004”]
(per measuring track)
Max. production
3.5 m/s [0.1 ft/s]
Data Evaluation by EWS „GAUGE-CONTROLLER“
  • Real time operating system
  • Network connection for visualization PC

Thickness measuring system with 5 measuring tracks

  • Connection to PLC
  • Extendable to blow detection
  • Integration of board scale to allow density evaluation

Visualization Software
  • Single opening presses
  • Multi opening presses
  • Continuous presses
  • Sanding lines

Remote maintenance
"EWS Online Support".