Blow Detection System for thick and light panels ULTRA-SCAN

for LVL

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Blow Detection on very thick and low density boards

For a blow detection ultrasound penetrates the boards continuously. If the signal has a big drop on the receiver side a blow will be displayed. The thicker the board and the lower the density the earlier the system limitation is reached.

Thanks to a so-called “Power-Sonic-Resonance” method this limit of the ULTRA-SCAN measuring system is expanded considerably.

The ULTRA-SCAN systems can be equipped with thickness function easily.

No problem to inspect very thick or low density boards. ULTRA-SCAN can do it.

A “Power-Sonic-Resonance” method is used. By the use of contact rolls sonic transmitters and sonic receivers always float in a constant distance to the board surface. So the transmitted signal is in resonance with the sonic which is reflected from the board surface. This results in an extensive increase of the sound penetration. So, very thick and low density boards can be inspected. The system's contact rolls and frame also can be used for thickness measurement at reasonable additional cost.

of an automatic gain control function no calibration during production is required. ULTRA-SCAN nearly is maintenance free.

  • Inspection of very thick boards
  • Inspection of low density boards

Installation Locations
  • After hot press
  • After cross-cut saw
  • After sander

  • Location of blow
  • Statistic, trending
  • History

Technical Data

Technology: Sonic Resonance
No. of channels: up to 32
Minimal channel width: 100mm [4"]
Minimum detectable blow size per channel: Ø 50mm [2"]

Maximum thickness:(depending on density) up to approx. 100mm [4"] (PB, MDF, OSB)

up to approx. 200mm [8"] (LVL, plywood)
Minimum density: (depending on thickness) 400kg/m³

Remote maintenance
"EWS Online Support”

  • Extendable to thickness measurement at low cost
  • Connection to PLC by OPC interface
  • Ink marking

  • Real time operation system
  • Network connection to visualization-PC

channels on thick particleboard

Inspection channels on LVL